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Stranger Things Freeform Lotus Platter

Stranger Things Freeform Lotus Platter


Why Stranger Things? Because everytime I look at this piece it conjures up images of other an amoeba, or plant wall cells? (maybe it's just me). The freeform nature of this piece makes it look different from every angle. All-over hand-drawn design with brown, purple and real glazes.  About 18.5" long x 12" wide  x 4.5" deep. Dishwasher safe.


This piece has a slight issue on one of the feet (underside) and is being sold at a small discount. 


Note: Any purchases made between December 5th through December 15th will not be shipped until  December 16th or December 18th. I will be traveling during that time.

  • Shipping Notice

    This piece can only be shipped via UPS. Please make sure to select UPS (ground or 2 day - up to you) if you decide to make this your own.

    If you are local - this obvisously does not apply to you. 

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