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I just love clay.

I am usually covered in it - or flour. My friends say I smell like clay and baking.

I have had a love affair with clay on and off for the last 25 years. When I was in university I focused on ceramic sculpture trying to bridge a gap (I thought existed) between art and function. After graduating from my extended stay, I turned my sights to music and graphic design (my day job) for many years, finally finding my way back to clay in 2011. During that time I learned that like music, all forms of creative expression have color, harmony and movement. 

About my work:

I now make mostly functional food-safe pieces. I throw, hand-build, combine the two, and alter. I love experimenting with forms and I love color. Colors have flavors to me. Combining forms, color and then putting homemade food into/onto my pieces – well – it’s a bit of heaven – the harmony that is created. 

When I am not making functional work, I create decorative mosaic pieces, combining hand-carved relief tile pieces and glass. These pieces are always of nature – mostly trees I have met on my hikes or am surrounded by where I live, and the atmospheres around them – air, sun, mountain, water.


I use white, speckled or brown clays and for my larger slab forms, I mix in paper-clay as well. My surfaces are a combination of slip/underglaze-trailed designs, either hand-drawn lines, or built-up textures, and then glazed with many colors. I fire to cone 5 in an electric kiln. 

The pieces I make tend to follow themes – and I usually work on three themes at a time. Currently I am working on playing with patterns found in nature: plant stalks, moth wings and snow and creating mandala-like designs. Another is textures from the sea: coral, sand, anemones and more. Lastly, I am taking my passion for hiking, and bringing my favorite places into my pots by using the topo maps I always have with me and interpreting them with color, changing the overall perspective of the hikes as well, and placing them into freeform, fluid, slab-built pieces. With these themes I bring my memory of the places I have adventured to, the smell of the air, feel of the water and taste of sun.


GabArt is Me! Gabrielle Gewirtz

On occasion I will be doing special sale events on the site. If you are interested, please sign up below to receive notices OR follow me on Instagram and or Facebook as i will be announcing the events there as well.

I do a lot of commission work both for homes, designers and businesses, so if you are interested in having something special made feel free to contact me as well.

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