As I was creating the site, I realized I was using terms that may not be familiar to most. I also realized it might be a good idea to explain some other things too. If you have additional questions than what I have covered here - please contact me and I will be happy to answer them.

Shipping & handling costs & methods
  • I charge a $4.00 handling fee for boxes, tape and bubble/packing materials to get your items to you safe.


  • All items will be shipped USPS Priority. From where I live that is 2-3 days. They can't guarantee 2-day delivery, unfortunately. All shipping costs are based on weight when shipping priority. The cost for shipping has changed from just weight to weight and size so shipping costs are estimated based on past items. If shipping costs less when i actually send it i will refund the difference.


  • For larger/heavier items, i may have to send you an email with additional shipping costs as my shipping calculator on the site only goes so heavy. 


  • If you need something sent overnight, I am sorry, but I cannot make that happen. Overnight delivery here is 2-day delivery. If you need it in 2 days, contact me and I will email you the costs for 2-day delivery (via USPS) and you can decide if you would like to pay that extra charge.

Why are some of your pieces decorative only?

Some of my pieces are fired in such a way that the clay is too porous to hold water or will not clean well if you put food on them for the same reason. 

Are your glazes safe for food?

All the glazes I use are non-toxic and safe for food consumption. 

What kind of glazes do you use?

Most of the pieces I make (these days) are mid-fire (2185 degrees F) cone 5, and are fired in an electric kiln. These glazes are food-safe, and can be placed in the dishwasher and are safe to use in the microwave.


I also make pieces that are high-fire (2381 degrees F) cone 10, which are fired in the gas kiln. These are also food-safe, and can be placed in the dishwasher and are safe to use in the microwave.

What is slip-trailing?

Slip is liquid clay (think heavy whipping cream texture). You can put it in a bottle with a pointy pointy top (like the kind you get when you dye your hair) and draw with it. 

Why are some of your pieces so drippy?

Glaze is liquid glass - essentially. SO my pieces get more drippy the more vertical they are (like vases and cups). AND some glazes are more drippy than others. I like the drippy-ness - it's always a surprise to see how the glazes will react in a firing. 





Why do you only take paypal as payment?

With PayPal you can easily pay with a credit card. If something goes wrong - and that is always possible when sending pottery through the mail, I can easily refund you. AND if you have your own PayPal account you can just use your own account to pay.





What if something breaks in shipping?

If something breaks while in transit, PLEASE take a photo of the box and the piece so I can see how it happened. I take out USPS insurance when sending my pieces and if something breaks I can get refunded for the shipping and the cost of the item - but only with photos. Contact me, and let me know - and i will tell you where to email the photos. 


I can either refund all costs once I receive your images or make you a new piece. It will not be exaclty the same - but pretty close.